We are currently seeking to hire an experienced Assistant Editor to join our amazing team. 

Potential candidates should aspire to become top-tier participants in the Project X team with higher-than-moderate skills in the following areas:

•Adobe Premiere

•Picture & Audio finishing preps


•Online Finishing / Exports

•Digitizing Media / Assets Mgmt

•Standard Audio/Video Codecs & Specs

•LTO Backups

•Dialogue Breakdowns

•Dailies Assemblies

•VFX Stringouts


Minimum [1] year professional experience with Adobe Premiere

Minimum [1] year professional post-production experience, preferably with a marketing / advertising agency.

Experience with Trailer / TV spot / TV promo. Internal finishing experience required.

Understanding of frame rates, video timecode, aspect ratios, resolutions, video scanning, color spaces, audio bit depth, audio sample rate, AAC vs Linear PCM, common track layouts, audio formats, video codecs and bit rates.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and FTP Clients


You will need the ability to work effectively in high-pressure situations and maintain high attention to detail.

Hours are demanding and require flexibility and teamwork. Shifts may vary Monday –Saturday, day or night.

Compensation will be commensurate with applicant’s experience.

Please send a resume and/or reel to info@projectxav.com


This is a night Finishing Coordinator position. The right candidate will work fluidly with the Assistant Editors, Graphics department and Producers. You will be responsible for helping manage projects from start to finish. 

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage posting folders and login credentials
  • Post assets/cuts for clients per their requested media-sharing platform with QC
  • File conversions/compressions when needed
  • Coordinate with Producers, Associate Producers, Creative Coordinators, Graphics, Music and Assistant Editors
  • Oversee ingestion of assets to servers
  • Coordinate delivery of assets
  • Stock footage searches
  • Coordinate Finishing preps / In-House finishes as needed
  • Instruct AEs to prep approved/locked spots for finishing
  • Uploading finishing preps to finishing houses
  • Have a thorough understanding of all active jobs and clients
  • Ability to help assign work to assistant editors and/or graphic designers 


Knowledge and love of films, shows, movie trailers and digital AV marketing.

Knowledge of and familiarity with marketing terms, editorial, graphic and digital workflow.

Ability to work effectively as part of a team and alone.

Remain calm and levelheaded under pressure.

Ability to prioritize and cope with last minute changes, usually from clients and usually at the end of the day.


Minimum 1 year at a Trailer House, Production or Post Facility, Studio Marketing Department or Promo House or comparable in a position with similar responsibilities

Advanced skills in MS Office including Outlook, Word, Excel

Excellent communication, grammar, punctuation, formatting skills

Basic Adobe Suite and nonlinear editing skills are helpful but not required.

 Please send a resume to info@projectxav.com